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Class 66 Style controls for TS Classic and Train Sim World


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Class 66 Style controllers For TS Classic and Train Sim World


Introducing the incredible new controller setup from TS Controllers, the 2 part versatile Class 66 Style controllers for PC. Ideal for UK and US locos.

The 2 parts, sold separately, consists of a heavy duty metal encased Throttle and Reverser stack, with removable reverser key, and a Side panel control desk, featuring 8 fully customisable controls.

Although modelled on a UK Class 66, the controls are suitable and compatible with a wide variety of Trains and Locos in Train Simulator and Train Sim World, with its ability to communicate directly with both simulators. Thanks to the TS Controllers Interface software included, the user is able to customise the function of each control on the side panel, then save these as presets for ease of use!
The throttle and reverser stack can be used in 3 different orientations to to match UK and US loco’s. Switchable in the software interface.

Throttle and Reverser Stack

The Throttle and Reverser stack, built using a heavy duty aluminium case, features a throttle with 9 physical positions, which can be configured in the software for trains which different amount of notches, for example sprinter style units with 0-7 notches. The Reverser key has 3 physical notches and is removable just like the real thing!
The unit is also heavily weighted, coming in a 3.5kg, to ensure it sits solidly on the desk.

The desk panel
The desk control panel, is built using a mix of a steel frame, and acrylic top, features 8 levers, buttons and switches, modelled on a class 66, but can be used with any train or loco.
The TS Controllers Interface software enables to user to customise the function of each control on the panel, either assigning it to default functions in Train Sim Classic and TSW3 using its direct controller interface, otherwise a key press can be assigned to each function for use with TS Classic, Train Sim World, or any other program.

The panel includes the following controls -and its default functions:

  • Yellow Plunger – AWS
  • Red Latching Plunger – Emergency Stop
  • 2 Position large lever (momentary action) – PBL brake
  • 2 position lever (momentary action) – Up/Down horn
  • 2 position lever (latching action) – Direct brake
  • Large momentary toggle switch – sander
  • small on/off toggle switch – speed set.
  • Rocker switch – speed set speed up/down.


Both units are compatible with Train Simulator Classic and Train Sim World 3 (TSW support currently beta).
Armstrong Powerhouse and Just Trains products fully supported.
PC only, requires Windows 10 or 11. (Consoles not supported)

Throttle/Reverser Stack Specifications:

  • Weight 3.5 Kg
  • 1.8m USB cable
  • Case size. 219x200x200mm. Handles protrude further

Side Panel Specifications:

  • Weight 2 Kg
  • 1.8m USB cable
  • Size: Length 31.5cm, Wide 21.5cm, Case Height (without controls) 6cm.

1 year return to base warranty included.

Free UK postage.

If in stock, Shipped within 4 working days. Delivered to your door in a further 1-3 days.

The Throttle/Reverser stack is made to order, so please allow 2 weeks before shipping.
International postage available, please contact TS Controllers for a personalised quote.

As with all TS Controllers products, you are guaranteed a quality product with full support, providing the most realistic Train Simulator experience available.

All products hand made in the UK using high quality components built to last. As they are hand crafted, there may be slight variations between each controllers in terms of fit and finish.
The products are design for home simulator use only, and are not supported in commercial environments. Contact TS Controllers for professional use controllers.


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Left Side Desk Panel, Throttle/Reverser Stack


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