Custom / Bespoke products

Products can be made /converted on request by TS Controllers

TS Controllers can product custom one-off products, or convert existing real-world real controls to be used with Train Simulator. Years of research and development means our existing circuit boards and software can be used to easily convert some items, and product other new items.
Depending on the item, the cost may be prohibitive if it is something new that required further research and development.
But if you have an idea, or would like to make a real controller work in TS, get in touch!

DRA Switch from a UK DMU.

A customer aqquired a standalone DRA switch from a DMU and asked TS controllers to make it fully functional without Train Simulator.
Using the existing TS controllers parts, It was fairly straight forward to enable this functionality , and in addition it used the TS controller Door panel software meaning it was compatible with all train and loco’s within Train Simulator classic.