The new 1.4 version of the PBC software is now out!

This includes the new custom profile braking feature, where you can set a different percentage of braking power for each notch, on each loco/unit. It should all be self explanatory in the app. Results can vary for some units, but I’ve had great feedback so far! But let me know what you think in the comments…
This release is the biggest for a long time and includes the following:
Version 1.4.5
  • TS2022 – New custom braking profile feature. Saves user configurable braking percentages for each notch. Set individually per loco/unit variant.
  • TS2022 – Fixed some AP reverser issues.
  • TS2022 – AP Class 50 throttle update.
  • TS2022 – AP Class 31 throttle improvements.
  • TS2022 – AP Class 700 series support
  • App – Simplified main and settings tabs.
  • App – Improved app memory usage and efficiency.
  • App – Dozens of improvements and minor changes to improve user experience.
  • App – Support for New Flexi Lever Controller.
When you open the app, it should alert you of a new version available.